A Round Up of Thank-yous

I highly recommend the new presentations on Emotions and Feelings.

Notes Along The Way

Follow-up – Questions on Fear

Thank-you for your enthusiastic response to our call for questions on fear.

Jesus and I have begun filming a new series called “Emotions & Feelings” and we will answer your questions on fear throughout the series.

To start out we have provided some more general answers about emotions and had some recap discussions about the “How the Human Soul Functions”, a topic that Jesus introduced with Luli last year.

If you want to check out the new “Emotions & Feelings” series we have already started to upload clips to the FAQ Channel. I recommend viewing these in conjunction with the “How the Human Soul Functions” series. The Human Soul material provides a lot of context for what shared later in the “Emotions and Feelings” discussions.

Thanks for Stopping-By & Sharing

Many of you shared some thoughtful responses to my recent post on Fear…

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