If Cancer’s not random…what’s going on?


“The problem with humanity is not cancer or sickness, it’s the lack of the Vitamin pill of love” Dr Pedro Cervantes, Gerson Therapy Cancer Care Physician

“Genes are not destiny. What activates genes? It’s the environment, stupid!”…Perceptions override genetics”.Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief.

Cancer was a really big deal for me. I never thought I would get it, that it would “happen” to me. I truly believed I was above and beyond it!! (arrogant I know). Gosh I’ve been taken down a few pegs! So, this question of “what causes cancer?” has been rattling and burbling around inside me for over a year now. After many months of soul-searching, inner enquiry, reading books, researching and personal epiphanies, and after 2 rounds of surgery….I have some theories. Maybe not “the” answers, but I’m less in the dark about the causes of cancer than I was 12 months ago, and…

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