My name is Amanda. I live in the UK. I was not brought up as a Christian but  I felt drawn to Christianity in my 20’s after going to a local church regularly in order to “qualify” or prove our sincerity to have a church wedding. I was gradually drawn in to the teachings and the church community. I taught children in a very informal way about the Christian teachings of God and Jesus. This gave me a lot of joy and I loved belonging to what I felt was a loving community. As time went on, my interest went away and came back again and eventually I became very interested in finding out as much truth as I could about God but although those around me worshipped Jesus, I found him hard to relate to. The person presented in the Bible seemed abrupt, liked telling people off and did not seem a “nice” person to me. I felt frustrated that the person who was supposed to be God annoyed me and that fascinated me – why did I find him annoying and everyone else loved him.

I then found an article about Alan John Miller and Mary Luck, who are claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene and are teaching about how to have a personal, emotional, feeling relationship with God. Finding these teachings has been in some ways a huge relief and in other ways caused me a large amount of personal turmoil.




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  1. I love the name of your blog..plus what you are writing 😉 I’m “just trying to work out” whether I should start my own DT-based blog…thanks for the inspiration ❤

    • Hi Betsy as you can read my blog was born out of irritation rather than inspiration so I don’t yet know if it’s a passion yet. I’ve always loved sharing any insights I have all my life, to my own detriment sometimes, it doesn’t feel natural to me to keep them to myself although because of all the “negative” publicity surrounding Mary and AJ, I’ve yet to really face my fear of attack and exposure. I have this emerging desire of being a contact point or info pointer or whatever for DT in the UK, particularly but not only for anyone coming from a Christian background. (See just writing that has exposed some emotions of “who do you think you are/what do you know” or as we might say in the Uk “you jumped up little twerp”. that’s harsh.)

      For me it has pretty well exposed that I’ve been very self-reliant, not understood what I’d thought I’d understood and how mean I am towards myself when I find I’ve got it all back to front. And it’s great to just do a few draft posts and never publish just to see what it all looks like in words rather than in our heads.


  2. Oh, Amanda! I love your writing style already and I have just stopped by! By keeping yourself open, honest and real, your writing will reflect as much and is such an easy read. I have not learned about Divine Truth and because of your effort on this blog I will be looking into what this path is all about! See? It WAS worth your effort as you had hoped! THANK you!

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