God’s Character

This an excerpt from  20130831 General Discussion – Q & A from People in Kentucky P2

“If someone doesn’t love you – it’s not your fault. This is a really important thing to understand from an emotional perspective, if someone doesn’t love you, it is not your fault because love is a gift, anybody could give it to anyone else no matter what they do. If someone chooses to not love you then it is not your fault that they don’t love you. It’s something going on within them that causes them to not love you and we need to come to an emotional recognition of that, that it’s not our fault that we’re not loved.

You see God loves us no matter how bad we get, no matter what we choose to do, God still loves us, no matter how devious and dark we get with our decisions God still loves us and the reason why God loves us through all that is because God loves us. It’s immaterial what you do whether God will continue loving you, you might not feel it, that’s a different issue but the reality is God loves you through all of that. If people on earth don’t love you through all of that it’s because they have chosen to not love you and that’s not your fault, that’s their choice. they have chosen to not love you and it’s very important to understand that. Very important for your emotional processing to understand that actually. Just because you’re not loved does not mean that you’re unlovable – it means that somebody chose to not love you and that was their choice and it’s immaterial what you did, that was their choice. You can be as bad as you want or as good as you want, other people could still choose to love you. God chooses to love you.”

“And someone who really loves us loves us no matter how we behave.”

“So you can’t earn the love of someone who really loves you, they already love you. There’s nothing you can do to make them love you more because they already love you, they want to love you. They want to love you whether you are bad or good, they still want to love you . There’s nothing you can do about that. You can’t earn it and you can’t make a big mistake that could cause it to stop. God will still love you through all of that. A person who loves you on earth will love you through all that.

And this is one of our primary problems we don’t believe that. We feel that we have got to earn the love of others and that when we make mistakes we’re not going to be loved. that’s not the case at all. A person who really wants to love you will love you even if you make a mistake. A person who really wants to love you will love you even if you purposefully do something wrong. They still love you because they want to love you and their love of you is not dependent upon what you do and that is how we all can learn to love. To get to that point where we are willing to love other people no matter what we do. No matter what actions they take. Even if they want to kill us we still love them.

Now if you lived in an environment like that. that would be pretty powerful environment to grow up in and to experience, to enjoy.”

Just to remind you that someone who loves you will love you no matter what and God who loves you no matter what mistakes you make, even if you do things on purpose God still loves you. Even if you do things in avoidance, God still loves you. You might not be able to feel that love while you do those particular things but God will still love you through all of that and it’s very important to understand that because you are going to be less afraid about making a mistake, you’re going to be less afraid that it’s all you, that there’s something wrong with you. From God’s perspective God created you – a perfect person – the highest of God’s creations – that’s what God created. So God loves you because God loves God’s own creations. God knows everything about you, everything you’ve done. everything you’re going to do, everything that’s inside of you. He knows all that – there is nothing you can do to impress God. He’s already impressed with his own creation. There is nothing you can do to make God disgusted  because God doesn’t feel disgust – that God gave you the gift of free will to make a choice. God knows that whenever you make a choice that is out of harmony with love you’ll feel some pain and maybe you’ll think about that but God doesn’t feel disgusted with you. It’s only people who do these things. So if we can get to the point where we understand that about God and we also understand that about each other that a person who loves us doesn’t judge us, a person who loves us always loves us no matter what we do and if that is not the case in our recurrent relationships then we go “wow” I’ve got no-one in my life who really loves me and we can feel about that and grieve that but in the end you will realise you have got God who really loves you, you have got all of our spirit friends who have been perfected in love who love you, your guide who is probably perfected in love loves you so there are a lot of people who love you but a lot of them you just can’t see.

But on earth if we can get to the point where we love other people because we want to not because of what they do but because we want to and if you are ever with a person who loves you because they want to love you and not because of what you do, you’ll find that you’ll be able to process through your emotions a lot more rapidly than what you can currently believe.”


Desiring to Co-operate with God – “What is Progression?” on YouTube

Personally I feel I’m only at the very beginning of this process which started years ago with an acknowlegment of my own pain. Now it appears the God has designed our souls to experience pain to show us when we are in any way out of harmony with her laws and wishes to give us her Love abundantly and without restriction.

It all makes me appreciate that beautiful parable/analogy recorded in the Bible of the Prodigal Son. The story is a great summary of mankind’s walking away from God and her laws, the pain and suffering that results and God’s attitude to us, as a loving parent constant and waiting for us to desire real change and real Love, to be open to rehabilitation.

There’s a song for every occasion!

Hello and Welcome

Just a quick note to introduce myself.  I live in the UK, I’m a wife, a mother and a worker. My religious background is Christian in the Anglican or Church of England tradition. In this blog,  I’m hoping to share my journey as I attempt to have a personal relationship with the God of the universe, our creator.

I’ve been thinking about the story of the Two Sons or The Prodigal Son from the Bible (if you don’t know it you can find a version from Luke’s Gospel here).


For many years I’ve been searching for a way back to  happiness, freedom, purity and love and freedom from fear, shame, deep sadness, anger, jealousy and hurt. I’ve tried many things and some have worked for a while. I’ve tried religion (Anglican christianity), cognitive behavioural therapy, positive thinking, the Work of Byron Katie, mindfulness and meditation. They all had their drawbacks basically, for someone who is naturally lazy…they were well, hard work requiring some sort of practice (everyday) and dedication (every moment sometimes) or service that did not appeal to me after a while. Having been in a religion, I had a faint hope that with God being this omnipotent being that he would have the answer….somewhere.

So I suppose the blog really is going to be focussed on my adventure in The Way or God’s Way of Love being taught here.


I first heard about it in a newspaper article in May 2011 which is still around and can be viewed here


I know…how embarrassing I read the Daily Mail. Instead of running a mile I felt that I’d found something at last, something I’d been looking for even though at that stage I did not have any idea about the teachings. When I looked at the teachings, they completely fascinated me and it’s probably taken me all that time to really digest what the teachings promise and that is summed up in  Luke’s Gospel..

“Finally, he came to his senses and said, “My father’s workers have plenty to eat, and here I am, starving to death! 18 I will go to my father.”

So I came to realise, I was starving to death and in need of what my (heavenly) Parent could provide – right feeling, right thinking and right action through the power of Love, Divine Love.

So there it is , my experiment to see if it is possible to improve my life and have a real relationship with God by following these teachings.

Painting below By Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn  derivative work: carulmare [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons