Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss I only read this book because Mary had recommended it. I’ve found it really hard to read Christian books in the past as I have an aversion to the language that they use but this book has grown on me. It has helped me see and have some openness to the concept that humility, personal truth and honesty are the pathways to receiving God’s grace. On a personal note, having been around Christianity, it is quite a leap to believe that Jesus is back here, that he had a wife in the 1st century, that she is also back. All those things are pretty hard and I admit to sitting on that a bit and trying what they suggest first and observing their progress. One of the issues on teaching that I have is where is all this stuff they are teaching now in the Bible, surely we can’t all have been mistaken. This book has helped me see that at least some Christians have some experience of the role that confronting addictions (avoidance), experiencing the fear and the pain they cover has in connecting us to God’s grace and presence.

A Grief Observed C S Lewis

What’s So Amazing About Grace Philip Yancey


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